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David Cole works at the intersection of creative learning, college and career readiness, literacy, and technology. He is the Program Director for NEXMAP.org, served as a research fellow at Manylabs.org, an open science initiative funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and worked as a Vice President and Senior Director with Pearson Education and the Pearson Foundation. He has developed collaboration platforms for classrooms and professional development and led curriculum design projects in and out-of-school, including STEM2STEAM, youth internships, and service learning.

Trained as a teacher and writer, David has developed educator professional development programs for numerous learning organizations, working with groups such as MakerEd.org, the USPTO, the CREATE LAB at Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh Dept. of Education, the Tech Museum of San Jose, the Notre Dame Dept. of STEM Education. Recent work with NEXMAP and paper and electronics focuses on the ways in which the rituals and routines of craft, inquiry and artistic practice can be combined with introductory electronics, fabrication techniques and open data to build multiple literacies connected with production- centered learning.


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